Erica Wiley is Co-Founder and President of ProfitGeeks, a unique web development agency that uses technology, biz savvy and good clean fun to grow businesses and train future leaders.

A sought after speaker, Erica works with both adults and youth, helping her audiences to increase their productivity, leverage their natural strengths, and sharpen their professional skills.

Erica has spoken at Reaching The Wounded Student Conference, Accion USA, UPenn Microfiance Conference, Women’s Economic Development Center, business conferences, professional associations, schools, and churches.

“Erica has an uncanny way of relating her life experiences to students. Her ability to counsel teens and motivate them towards life-change, problem solving, and reconciliation showcases a deep commitment to seeing the next generation live full lives of accomplishment and satisfaction.”
-Kevin Zurrica, Youth Alive Director

“ Couple months ago, Erica was the speaker for our Women’s Power Networking Breakfast: The Simple 4 Step Formula to Turn Your Website into a Profit Powerhouse! The audience was engaged throughout her presentation with the invaluable information she shared to our Women Entrepreneurs Group. Here are some thoughts from our attendees about Erica’s presentation.

“It’s always good to find out what’s happening in the internet world regarding business. Since we are busy running our businesses, we need someone to tell us the latest development regarding marketing via computers.”

“I thought the speaker today was really awesome! She has a shared passion in the industry which in itself is a huge plus!” ”

Andrea Ormeno – Women’s Business Center Director at QEDC

Youth Programs:

Keynote: Fight the Stereotype

No one knows more about being judged or labeled than a teenager. Sit in on any cafeteria and you’ll hear students sizing each other up, but more importantly, you’ll see the behavior cycles that are created in this social jungle.

In this Assembly program, Erica teaches students how to overcome stereotypes to succeed academically, socially, and in their future careers. Using personal stories, she relates to the students and creates a safe space for diverse discussions about ethnicity, belief systems, personal preferences and more.

Keynote: The Youth Business Skills Success System!

5 Simple Steps Any Teen Can Follow To Get Started In A Better Position, Making More Money

This program gives students an edge! Whether barely thinking of the future or already career-minded, they will leave with increased confidence about what they have to offer in the workplace, clarity on where to focus their efforts, and the skills that are in demand.
Topics include:

  • Personal foundation
  • Personal branding
    Presentation skills
  • Professional tech skills
  • Identifying opportunities

Keynote: Teen Mom: Reality Show vs Reality

Some teens think pregnancy won’t happen to them. Some intentionally become parents.

Without relying on fear tactics or statics Erica shares her personal story as a teen mom, letting youth get a deeper picture of what life as a teen parent really changes and requires. Perhaps most important is the sensitive look at the emotional triggers that if left unchecked, could lead to teen pregnacy. Erica creates a safe place to explore emotions and experiences that impact teens’ decisions, helping them become more self-aware and their own best advocates.

Workshop: What Do I See For Me?

In this media driven age, teens are increasingly looking outward for direction, turning to TV and online celebrities, sometimes to the extent of losing sight of their own identity to blend with the crowd.

In this 60-90 minute workshop youth are mentored to discover and present what they care about personally, possible futures they see for themselves, and what they would change in their environments.

The result is youth that are connected to their individuality, believe that they can direct the outcome of their lives, and have the ability to articulate personal ideals and goals.

Why is this important? Kids that can do this are more likely to:

  • avoid unhealthy habits or relationships
  • take personal responsibility for their behavior
  • connect with mentors who are willing to help them

Adult Programs

Keynote: Thrive from Table to Desk


Would you like to start feeling excited about your business or job again–without feeling guilty?
Do you want to have more dedicated, intentional time with your family?In this presentation, Erica shares her 3 step proven fool-proof method for staying on task with your clients, kids & community
You’ll learn

  • The biggest myth that is keeping your intentions from becoming your reality
  • The worst mistake that entrepreneurs make that prevents you from creating a stable business and stops growth dead in its tracks
  • The overlooked, simple one-time task that will let you start living your dream life–today!

“ Erica is an amazing and dynamic wealth of information and inspiration. I love collaborating about business and much more with her. Her events and enthusiasm for what she does are motivations and contagious. Being in her company is always an uplift of mind, body and spirit! ”

Jackie Muller – Clinical Director & Owner of Dynamic Intervention Wellness Solutions

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