Goal Setting & Vision

How To Get Clear On Your Goals and Bring Your Ideas To Life

I’m not into motivational fluff, but I just have to share this powerful tool that I personally have benefited from.

I’m willing to wager that we’re pretty similar in that we’re always learning — in our industry, marketing strategy, personal growth etc. Professional development is somewhat of an addiction amongst us entrepreneurs. πŸ™‚

While improving ourselves is great, we can often fall into overwhelm, “chasing two rabbits” as my former business coach says. And in the pursuit of many goals, we can get confused on what we are really after or what the priorities are for the business or life.

That’s why I absolutely love this simple life hack, that while it may seem nerdy, it is very effective at helping you make the right choices about what to focus on.

Best part is that you can tweak it to work best for you if you’re a creative or if you’re more analytical.

Watch the video now!
It’s not what you might be thinking–this is not a photo of me doing the Macarena πŸ˜‰

After you watch the video, post the #1 goal you want to accomplish, professional or personal– all welcome.

Thanks for contributing to the community!


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