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Full Plate Hustle Episode 4: Mind Over Body Strategies for the Busy Professional

If you’re a science buff and not sure you believe in the health benefits of meditation OR if you are as holistic as they come, you will love the research findings of New York Times Best SellerAuthor Cure: A Journey into the Science of Mind Over Body, by Jo Marchant.

A well-researched page-turner…raises questions about the role of culture, environment and neurochemistry in our responses to treatment—and may very well lead to widespread changes in the ways we practice medicine. New York Post

I loved this book and as an entrepreneur I knew my fellow innovators and culture-changers would appreciate a look at how:

  • We can increase our own longevity
  • Play a more empowering role for our clients and customers
  • Improve our health without more Rx drugs (Including placebos for the common headache)

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