Erica Wiley is Co-Founder and President of ProfitGeeks,
a unique web development and marketing agency that
uses technology, biz savvy and good clean fun to grow

Erica blends her 12 years in sales & marketing with the
unique experiences learned while working from home,
homeschooling and managing a blended family of 7!
She knows first-hand the challenges that entrepreneurs
face and teaches her clients how to streamline business
operations, create a profit-generating online presence,
and have time for their passion.

Her signature program, Full Plate Hustle™, helps
professionals with busy family lives create a customized
system that will keep you focused, motivated and in

As a youth speaker, Erica uses the unique lessons
learned from being an “at risk youth”, teen mom, and
millennial entrepreneur to inspire and instruct teens how
to have a healthy and successful life.

Things Erica makes time for: Books, food with friends,
travel, volunteering, a good game and currently, opera.

“ Erica hosted some of our most popular business webinars at Accion. She is an engaging presenter and brings a wealth of marketing knowledge to individuals. She knows how to craft a presentation around what an audience will find interesting and encourages participation by interacting with individuals. It’s no wonder we had business owners asking for repeat webinars from Erica! ”

Lauren Yothers – ACCION USA